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Shalita's Prayers

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What is the Book About?

Shalita’s Prayers is a story about a remarkable woman who was raised in a loving Christian home in Northern India.  A precocious little girl, Shalita begins journaling, which becomes a lifelong passion. 

As an adult, she and her family find their way to Northern California, where she experiences both great joy and disappointment.  Divorced at 30, she and her young son begin a new life.  In time, she marries Bill and the newly formed family grows to four.  Shalita feels the stresses of being the quintessential modern day mom and wife, caring for their two boys, while a popular professor at the local university.  As Shalita and Bill face the daily struggles of a busy life, their world is rocked when she is diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer at 45.  Shalita asks her no-nonsense oncologist if she will see her sons, ages 7 and 17, graduate from high school.  His cool response: “you’ll see the older one graduate.”

Before fully absorbing the crushing news, Shalita is wheeled into surgery, followed by aggressive treatments of chemotherapy.  Struggling to understand why God would allow such a terrible disease to invade her world, she eventually realizes — why not me?  Much of Shalita’s response to this insidious disease is to do what she has always done in her life – throw herself completely at the feet of God, seeking healing and guidance while praising her Heavenly Father for each moment of life.

Bill tells the gripping story through personal vignettes and entries from Shalita’s many journals.  Filled mostly with prayers the journals provide beautiful, intimate glimpses into her remarkable faith and longings for God.  Entirely dependent on her Heavenly Father, Shalita faces life’s challenges with extraordinary courage and conviction. 

When Shalita’s cancer returns and dies at age 47, Bill and their two sons are left to navigate a difficult path without their loving wife and mother.  Littered with painful memories Bill faces setbacks, and waves of panic as he struggles to find calm through this seemingly unrelenting storm.  

Told with rare candor, Shalita’s Prayers is a story of promise, human frailty and uncompromising faith.

Note: The book is currently available in paperback only.