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About Shalita

Born Shalita Chitambar in Allahabad, India, she came from a long line of well-educated Christians.  Shalita grew up on the campus of a Christian agricultural college, where her father was president.  In 1981, along with much of her family, Shalita moved to northern California to finish her education, receiving a masters degree in human development. 

Shalita was passionate about her Christian faith and often shared her story when given the opportunity.  She went on to become a popular college, and later university, professor in the Sacramento area.  She was a devoted wife and loving mother to her two sons, Dryw and Daniel, who carry on her legacy.

About the Author

Bill Blackburn grew up in Northern California and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from California State University, Sacramento.  Bill ran a successful business as an award winning landscape photographer from 1987 to 1991.

Since 1992, Bill has worked in the environmental field for the State of California in the areas of alternative fuels, renewable energy and climate change.  He recently retired as the office manager of the Renewable Energy Division at the California Energy Commission.

He has a stepson, Dryw in nearby Roseville and lives with his son Daniel and Siberian Husky, Argo in Carmichael, California.